Friday, June 3, 2011

Top Five Friday: Bucket List - sports edition

So....I am completely entertained with the idea of bucket lists right much so that I have several lists of things I want to do before I kick the proverbial bucket. And yes, proverbial is my new favorite word, so forgive me now for its overuse!

For today's Top Five Friday I bring to you...the sports edition (is anyone really surprised?)...the top five sporting events I want to experience in my lifetime

1. BCS National Championship game (hopefully to watch the Aggies)

2. College World Series.  (my (and TAMU's) road will one day lead to Omaha as well!)

3. Won't happen this year, but I will be at a Final Four (decked out in maroon!)

4.  Baseball game at Wrigley (watching the 'Stros of course)

5. I will be one of the crazies trying to take a wet homerun ball from AT&T Park

hmmm, guess I should get to planning :)


carmajane said...

I will be glad to help with any of the planning. :D

Charlotte said...

bucket lists....sounds