Friday, June 3, 2011

Top Five Friday: Bucket List - sports edition

So....I am completely entertained with the idea of bucket lists right much so that I have several lists of things I want to do before I kick the proverbial bucket. And yes, proverbial is my new favorite word, so forgive me now for its overuse!

For today's Top Five Friday I bring to you...the sports edition (is anyone really surprised?)...the top five sporting events I want to experience in my lifetime

1. BCS National Championship game (hopefully to watch the Aggies)

2. College World Series.  (my (and TAMU's) road will one day lead to Omaha as well!)

3. Won't happen this year, but I will be at a Final Four (decked out in maroon!)

4.  Baseball game at Wrigley (watching the 'Stros of course)

5. I will be one of the crazies trying to take a wet homerun ball from AT&T Park

hmmm, guess I should get to planning :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Week One

Handmade Inspiration, brought to you in Inspiration Workshop by Maggie @ Gussy Sews, couldn't have come at a better time! This Sunday, I (along with three friends) am hosting a baby shower and got the chance to make the 4 wheeler cake I have been itching to try!

Diaper cakes are a great way to give a custom gift that's fun to make!
My latest creation was this little guy...cute isn't he?

I've made the traditional cakes in the past for baby boys and girls....
But I see a lot of 4 wheelers in my future!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You Made Me Ink!

Age 18 
 First tattoo on my back.
Passed out during the outline and was over it before it was done. 
I am never getting another one. (sorry, no pic)

Age 23
 First tattoo redone and tribal added to it.
Both tragus(es?) and nose pierced, tattoo on my right foot.
 OK, now that that's out of my system, I really am done.

Age 26
 Working Saturdays in the fall, is no fun...lets go get a wrist tattoo.
Swore I was done after I was laid up on the couch for 6 hours recovering.
Thank goodness college football was on!!

Age 26 (3 months later) 
Went with a friend to get her tattoo started.
Went back the same evening with my BIL for his second tattoo and
some how the tattoo artist talked me into the stars on my left foot. 

Didn't swear I was done. But at least admitted I may have a problem.

Age 28
After contemplating the tattoo behind my ear for two years,
I decided in about 5 minutes on this one...

OK, so I definitely have a problem. That's step one, right?

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Five W's

Who: Well, hello there. I'm Rhiann...pronounced like Ryan. B/c that's EXACTLY what I think when I see Rhiann.  What, you too? Glad we got that covered ;).  I'm a proud member of the fighting Texas Aggie C/O 2004. WHOOP!! Currently, I am learning to enjoy my profession (again) and taking the final steps to take the oh, so dreaded, CPA exam (Yes, I am an accountant. Jealous yet?). I am very scatterbrained and random b/c by the time I finish my sentence, my brain has moved on to the next topic, so try to follow along. If I do lose you, just sit tight. I usually return to prior topic eventually! 
What: This is my (edited) wet ink. Wet Ink is a writing excercise where you pick up your pen and begin to write whatever comes to mind. When it comes to grammar, punctuation and linear thinking, all bets are off.  I used it in theatre arts and english for creativity. I used it in J-1 to get past writer's block. Now, I just use it to clear my head and make some sense out of the pinball game going on upstairs. Surely, for blogging purposes, I can keep the topic hopping to a minimum ;)
When: Today. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully this week. Whenever I can remember to post :)

Why:  B/c ALL of my friends are doing it. Well, ok, maybe not all. More like 4. And yes, before you ask, if these 4 friends jumped off the proverbial bridge, I will probably join them, b/c let's face it...we all know how fun that trip would be! Really, it's just something to do and a way to document the next chapter in my life...which will hopefully involve a lot of um, let's just say progress.