Friday, May 27, 2011

The Five W's

Who: Well, hello there. I'm Rhiann...pronounced like Ryan. B/c that's EXACTLY what I think when I see Rhiann.  What, you too? Glad we got that covered ;).  I'm a proud member of the fighting Texas Aggie C/O 2004. WHOOP!! Currently, I am learning to enjoy my profession (again) and taking the final steps to take the oh, so dreaded, CPA exam (Yes, I am an accountant. Jealous yet?). I am very scatterbrained and random b/c by the time I finish my sentence, my brain has moved on to the next topic, so try to follow along. If I do lose you, just sit tight. I usually return to prior topic eventually! 
What: This is my (edited) wet ink. Wet Ink is a writing excercise where you pick up your pen and begin to write whatever comes to mind. When it comes to grammar, punctuation and linear thinking, all bets are off.  I used it in theatre arts and english for creativity. I used it in J-1 to get past writer's block. Now, I just use it to clear my head and make some sense out of the pinball game going on upstairs. Surely, for blogging purposes, I can keep the topic hopping to a minimum ;)
When: Today. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully this week. Whenever I can remember to post :)

Why:  B/c ALL of my friends are doing it. Well, ok, maybe not all. More like 4. And yes, before you ask, if these 4 friends jumped off the proverbial bridge, I will probably join them, b/c let's face it...we all know how fun that trip would be! Really, it's just something to do and a way to document the next chapter in my life...which will hopefully involve a lot of um, let's just say progress.